Sell Beauty products on Amazon

Amazon is the most trusted online shopping platform in Japan.¹ This page explains what beauty products and manufacturers need to know when they start selling on Amazon.
¥4,900 a month (excluding tax) + selling fees
Sell Beauty products on Amazon

Step-wise Guide to Selling Beauty products Online

Step 1

Register as an Amazon seller

To create a seller account on Amazon, you must register the following information. 
2. Prepare a valid bank account for payment
  • Bank account number and bank code
  • Chargeable credit card
  • Government-issued ID
  • Your tax ID info
  • Telephone number

Step 2

Listing your beauty products

There are two ways to list products on Amazon from your Seller Central account.

1. For beauty products that are already listed on Amazon: Check for the product code of the product, such as its UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, etc., and if you find it, add the listing directly.

2. For new listings on Amazon (Professional only): Upload product images, enter detailed information, and create a new listing.

We want customers to feel safe when they shop on Amazon
For certain products, brands, categories, and subcategories, you must obtain approval before listing your products.
The approval process may include document requests, performance checks, and other qualifications.
For more information, please refer to Products Requiring Approval.

Types of beauty products you can sell on Amazon

hair care

hair care

skin care

skin care

Bath & body care

Bath & body care

Tools & accessories

Tools & accessories



Kids' clothing

Oral care

Step 3

Deliver to buyers

When you receive an order for a product you sell, you must ship it to the buyer. The following shipping methods are available.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Stored, packed and delivered by Amazon. FBA products are Prime-eligible.

Merchant Fulfilled (MFN): Packaged by the seller and shipped to the buyer.

Step 4

Payment every 14 days

Payment for delivered orders will be transferred to your registered bank account on a 14-day payment cycle, less Amazon fees.
Amazon fees vary by pricing plan, product category, and shipping method. The options are flexible, so you can find the combo that works best for you and your goals.
Subscription fees
There are a few different types of selling fees you might pay, depending on your selling plan and the types of products you sell.
  • On the Professional selling plan there’s a flat fee of ¥4,900 per month and no per-item fee.
  • With the Individual plan, you’ll pay ¥100 every time you sell an item.
Selling fees
Referral fees are charged for each item sold. These fees are charged per item sold, and they include referral fees (which are a percentage of the selling price and vary depending on the product’s category), and variable closing fees (which apply only to media categories).

Fees table


Referral fee percentage

Referral fee minimum

Categories with fixed referral fees
· 8% for products with a total sales price per unit up to 1,500 JPY.
· 10% for products with a total sales price per unit greater than 1,500 JPY.
30 yen
Shipping rates
When you fulfill orders yourself, Amazon shipping rates apply. We charge these shipping rates based on the product category and shipping service selected by the buyer.
FBA fees
For products that Amazon fulfills for you (known as Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA), there are fees for order fulfillment, storage, and optional services.
Other costs
As you think about the full cost of selling in Amazon stores, be sure to consider additional selling expenses you may incur, and other optional programs designed to help you increase sales.
¹ Publicis Data Sciences Research 2022 Online Sales Ecommerce Website Satisfaction Survey

Did you know?

Tools for brand owners

If you own a brand, Amazon offers tools to help you build, grow, and protect it. Enrolling in Brand Registry can help you personalize your brand and product pages, protect your trademarks and intellectual property, and improve the brand experience for customers—along with unlocking.
You’ll also get to unlock additional advertising options and recommendations on improving traffic and conversion.

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¥4,900 a month (excluding tax) + selling fees
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