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Would you like to get advice from an experienced account manager on how to grow your business more seriously? You can effectively grow your business on Amazon with a business plan that's right for you, tailored coaching and training, and suggestions from a dedicated consultant.
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Service contents

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Dedicated Amazon Marketplace Consultant
They will work with you to set effective measures to increase sales. You can meet at least once a month with your consultant to establish monthly plans while checking on the status of your business.
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Strategic Business Advice
Consultants identify gaps between performance and objectives, point out business growth opportunities, develop business plans, and then help to manage progress. Important advice for selling on Amazon is provided according to your needs such as on fulfillment and inventory, account soundness, traffic and conversion rate improvements, and merchandising and advertising.
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Support for daily operations
You will receive comprehensive support for unfamiliar operations so that you can focus on growing your business. Amazon provides detailed support for sellers through suggestions for new listings and product detail pages so that your products will appear at the top of search results and increase exposure.
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Participate in programs, pilots, betas, and work with other teams
Consultants will help keep you up to date with changes at Amazon and introduce the best programs to help you grow your business. For example, a variety of services are available including participation in pilot and beta programs and meetings with consultants and other Amazon team members as needed.
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Steps for growing your business


Apply for the program


Consultants will listen to you about your business on Amazon and your expansion goals to determine whether this service will help


After confirming your desire participate in the program, we will give you a customized plan for your business


Paid service will start with a one-on-one regular meeting with a consultant

Fees and eligibility

The Marketplace Consulting Service costs ¥160,000 per month plus 0.3% of the previous month's total sales (excluding tax). The maximum monthly fee is ¥1 million.

To participate, you need a valid Professional selling account. If you want to apply for multiple seller accounts, fill out the contact form using your email address and the Merchant Token for each seller account. The Marketplace Consulting Service is currently only available to sellers who sell in the Japan marketplace. If you have other questions, please see our FAQ section or watch a briefing webinar.
* Total sales do not include restocking fees, shipping, gift wrapping, and other charges.
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There's nothing more reassuring than having people whom you can trust from inside Amazon.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a list of frequently asked questions about the Marketplace Consulting Service.


Is this service good for sellers who do not have their own brand?
This program is designed to help you sell on Amazon whether you are a seller with your own brand or a retail store.
I have multiple seller accounts. Can I have one Marketplace Consultant for all accounts?
Registration for this service must be done for each seller account. Depending on the status of the consultant, it may not be possible for one person to handle all of your seller accounts. In that case, close collaboration will be done to ensure that your multiple accounts are handled smoothly.
If I register for the Marketplace Consulting Service, is there any special consideration for compliance with Amazon policies?
No. Amazon's policies are the same for all sellers and apply equally. It does not depend on whether you participate in the program.

About Marketplace Consultants

How can a consultant help me grow my business?
Consultants identify gaps between performance and objectives, point out business growth opportunities, develop business plans, and then help to manage progress. Advice for selling on Amazon is provided according to your needs such as on fulfillment and inventory, traffic and conversion rate improvements, and merchandising and advertising.
How often can I contact the consultant?
A regular meeting is held with your consultant once a month. You can also directly contact your consultant by email, etc.
How many accounts does each consultant handle?
Each consultant is responsible for 12 to 15 accounts. By limiting the number of sellers assigned to one person, they are better able to focus on supporting you and meeting your business goals.
Are Marketplace Consulting Service consultants Amazon employees?
Yes, all consultants are Amazon employees.
What knowledge and experience do consultants have?
All Amazon consultants have received extensive training to help sellers who participate in the Marketplace Consulting Service. They have also received specialized training in a variety of fields including fulfillment and inventory, increasing traffic and conversion rates, and merchandising and advertising.
What if I am not satisfied with the level of service provided by my consultant?
If you are not satisfied with the level of service provided by your consultant, you can contact us at any time using the dedicated email address that we will provide when the service starts. We will contact you and provide the best solution.

Promotion and merchandising

What support can I receive for merchandising?
Your consultant will advise you on Today's Deals with Amazon. Today's Deals include coupons, Lightning Deals, and Special Today's Deals. Although Today's Deals are not guaranteed as a benefit of participating in this service, this is one advice that consultants can give to help with business expansion. Today's Deals may require a separate participation fee. It does not mean that you can use Today's Deals and Promotion Merchandising for free or at a discount as part of the benefits of participating in this service.
Can my consultant help me to create Today's Deals?
They will help you develop a strategy for Today's Deals based on your business goals. They also provide strategic advice so that you can be approved for Today's Deals.
Can my consultant help me prepare special events for Prime Day or holiday seasons?
Yes. Our consultants can help you prepare for special events and holiday seasons. Specifically, they will advise you on how to optimize merchandising and detail pages for events where traffic is expected to increase.
Will consultants provide information about new programs?
Consultants will provide you with helpful information on achieving your goals including on new programs and pilot and beta programs according to your business goals.

Program Fees and Service Contents

How much does the Marketplace Consulting Service cost?
The fee for participating is ¥160,000 per month plus 0.3% of the previous month's total sales (excluding tax). The total monthly sales includes the Total item price x Quantity, but does not include returns, shipping, gift wrapping, or other charges. The maximum monthly fee is ¥1 million.

Example charge: If you enroll in the program from August 1, you will be charged 0.3% of the total ¥13,000,000 of monthly sales from July 1 to 31, 2019 plus the basic fee of ¥160,000 totaling ¥199,000 (excluding tax) on August 1. Calculation formula: (¥160,000 + (0.003*¥13,000,000))

Charges are calculated based on the total monthly sales of the previous month (“Total Monthly Sales” = Item price x Quantity. Returns, shipping, gift wrapping and other charges are not included). Therefore, the monthly fee fluctuates.
What is the billing date for each month?
You will be charged at the beginning of the month (first day). See the above question to learn how to calculate the cost.
Is it possible to limit some services to reduce the service fee?
Currently, this service is a packaged product. Services cannot be purchased separately.
Is there a free trial period?
There is no free trial period for this service.
What is the minimum enrollment period for the program?
The minimum enrollment period for this service is six months. There is no maximum enrollment period.
How do I pay?
Service fees are paid through your account balance. If your account balance is less than the amount charged for the month, the remaining charges will be charged to your registered credit card.
How do I unenroll?
If the minimum enrollment period of six months has elapsed, you can inform your desire to unenroll to the person in charge or using the email address notified when you joined the service.
When does the service end if I unenroll?
The service will end at the end of that month. No additional fees will be charged.
I read the FAQ, but I still have questions. Whom should I contact?
For additional questions, please fill out this form. A person in charge will contact you.

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