By subscribing to the Marketplace Consulting Service, PajamaGram was able to implement the “mindset to succeed on Amazon”

“We are all experts in our company PJ, and pajamas are our life,” says Director of Online Marketplace at PajamGram Liz Lavallee. Since 2002, PajamGram has been selling pajamas online that can be worn by the whole family. We started selling products on Amazon during the year-end holiday season in 2010, but soon Amazon became our fastest growing channel and it continues to grow.
If you create effective product detail pages and provide a satisfying purchasing experience for your customers, your sales will grow even more.
Liz LavalleePajamaGram
Pajamagram, led by Lavallee, joined the program in early 2018 when Marketplace Consulting Services started. “For us, Amazon is the one who supports our business. Having a rep inside Amazon is what we wanted,” says Lavallee. I was supported by Paul N, a Marketplace Consultant for Marketplace Consulting Services. “Paul plays a role like our command tower,” says Lavallee. "He helped us grow our business by advising us on how to effectively use each of Amazon's products at the right time, and introducing us to different people and departments who could answer our questions."

Paul, who has been working at Amazon for 19 years, believes that explaining the "reasons" behind Amazon's decisions is in the best interest of sellers. “Basically, Amazon's intentions are always on the basis of 'best for the customer',” Paul explains. “I found that Sellers that make decisions from this perspective just like Amazon will lead to good long-term relationships.” Lavallee says, “Amazon is always looking for ways to make it as easy as possible for our customers to shop with us. So when we make a decision about doing business on Amazon, we don't just think about the benefits for ourselves, we think about what's best for our customers first. Sales will grow even more by creating easy-to-understand and friendly product detail pages in order to provide customers with a satisfying purchasing experience. In fact, that is really what happened.”
Liz Lavallee, Director at PajamGram
Paul also encouraged PajamaGram to take advantage of Amazon's most visible "Lightning Deals." Paul says. “For Lightning Deals, most of our customers check the deal information page that is updated daily. This is the best way to increase product exposure in a short period of time,” agrees Lavallee. “We were very happy with the outcome of Lightning Deals. It was a great way to get our products in front of customers who were not even looking for them at the moment, and the halo effect helped us to increase sales not only during the Lightning Deals themselves, but also throughout the Christmas season

Lavallee concludes, “Through signing up for Marketplace Consulting Services, I learned just how amazing Amazon is.”
* Lightning Deals are limited-time deals available to all Amazon customers.

By subscribing to the Marketplace Consulting Service, PajamaGram was able to implement the “mindset to succeed on Amazon”

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