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What is Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) can help you shorten delivery times, simplify the delivery process, and improve the customer experience. You can also expect to reduce your fulfillment costs as you can store inventory in Amazon's fulfillment centers for an attractive fee, starting from 1 product, whenever you need the service and to the extent you want to use it.
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Fast and reliable delivery
You can take advantage of the delivery network of Amazon Prime benefits through MCF. Orders from non-Amazon channels can also provide customers with “Expedited Shipping” and “Scheduled Delivery” options in addition to standard shipping.
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Simplify inventory management
You can manage inventory for all your online business in bulk at Amazon's fulfillment centers. Amazon automatically optimizes inventory placements to fulfillment centers scattered across Japan, and Amazon will ship and deliver efficiently.
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Faster and more flexible
MCF allows you to grow your business without increasing fixed costs. You can survive the busy season without any significant additional investment.
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Manage orders from a variety of sales channels
You can use the API to connect inventory stored in fulfillment centers to non-Amazon ecommerce channels.
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Multi-Channel Selling Software
Multi-Channel Selling Software enables you to seamlessly connect a variety of sales channels to multi-channel services. This is appropriate if you are selling in multiple marketplaces on your own brand store, and you want to manage the listings and shipments of your products from a single location.
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Easy-to-understand fee structure
Fees are charged for picking, packing, and shipping, one item at a time. You can use the service efficiently to the extent you want and whenever you want, starting from 1 item.
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How MCF works


Ship your inventory to a shipping center using your own mode of transport or an affordable Amazon carrier.


Seller receives orders for products from non-Amazon sales channels (websites and other marketplaces).


Depending on the delivery speed you choose, Amazon will process your order in 1 or 2 days, or via standard shipping.

Fees and Rate Structure

MCF fee structure applies to domestic shipments ordered on non-Amazon sales channels. For FBA Global Export, please refer to the FBA Export Program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Multi-Channel Fulfillment.
Can I use Multi-Channel Fulfillment services without listing on Amazon?
No. Multi-Channel Fulfillment services are only available for products sold through FBA.
Can I use existing inventory stored in a fulfillment center for an MCF order?
Yes. Your inventory with FBA is compatible with both Amazon customers and customers in the MCF sales channel.
What packing do MCF orders ship in?
The FBA Multichannel Fulfillment is expanding its Fulfillment Centers (FC) to support shipments in plain cardboard boxes without the Amazon.co.jp logo printed on them. The new service can also be used to handle orders from sales channels that were previously unable to use the Multi-Channel Fulfillment due to conditions such as "Cardboard with the brand name of another company cannot be used,” which will help reduce the workload.
What is the delivery speed of MCF?
You can take advantage of the delivery network of Amazon Prime benefits. Orders from non-Amazon channels can also provide customers with “Expedited Shipping” and “Scheduled Delivery” options in addition to standard shipping.
How do I get started with Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
If this is the first time you are using Selling on Amazon, start by registering an account. If you are currently selling in FBA, start here.
Does Amazon Customer Service handle Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders?
No, sellers are responsible for providing customer service for Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders. This includes shipping inquiries, exchanges, refunds, and return requests.
How does returning of an order work in Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
If the customer wants to make a return, you can ask the customer to ship the return item to either your preferred location or to an Amazon warehouse. If you choose to return items to Amazon warehouses, you can have such items returned to Amazon inventory.
How do I track Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders?
Review your Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders from the “Orders” tab in Seller Central. If an order has not been shipped, the Estimated Ship Date and Estimated Delivery Date will be displayed in the order shipment details. When an order is shipped, link to the Swiship tracking website with the shipment tracking number associated with that shipment and detailed tracking information for the order will be displayed.
Visit Swiship, a tracking site where you can search for tracking Multi-Channel Fulfillment. Search using the shipment tracking number provided at the time of shipment.

MCF is also available in the following countries:

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