Your guide to success
during the end-of-year peak at Amazon

The end-of-year selling peak shopping season is your chance to increase sales.
Read this guide to learn how.

To-do list for the end-of-year peak

Beat the rush and win the end-of-year peak with our week-by-week event planner.

10-12 weeks before

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Select product lineup for end-of-year peak

Gather best sellers, explore new product trends, and prep your supplies.
  • Decide what to sell
  • Prep inventory
  • Create shipping plans
  • Claim fee discounts on products being listed on Amazon for the first time
  • Get loans to boost business

7-9 weeks before

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Stock and ship

Stay on top of what’s in demand and team up with your suppliers.

4-6 weeks before

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Set product details

Fine-tune your pricing, product pages, and listing details.

3 weeks before

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Increase product views

Many customers are looking for a great deal or gift item. Use promotions to spread the word about your products.

Event day and beyond

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Build on the experience you gained from the event

Think about your sales strategy after the holiday season is over. Update your catalog for the next big event based on insights and customer feedback from this one.

Low-risk listing for new products

Amazon covers the inventory storage fees for products listed on Amazon for the first time (new ASINs).
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