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More than 50% of Amazon Business's worldwide annual revenue of $10 billion comes from sellers.

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Amazon started as an e-commerce site for selling products to individual customers, but the number of users with business accounts (Amazon Business) at Amazon is increasing. When you sell on Amazon, you only need to register your products once to sell them to both individual and corporate customers.

$1 billion

Sales in one year after Amazon Business started in the United States in 2015

$10 billion

Annual sales for Amazon business accounts worldwide
Amazon Business is growing and is expected to continue growing in the future. Increase sales by selling to business customers through the growing Amazon Business.

One of the benefits of selling on Amazon is its business customers

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300+ million
1+ million
Worldwide users3
Worldwide customers5
17.34 + million
150,000 +
4 Monthly unique visitors from desktop
Amazon Business Sellers5
38.56 + million
$10 + billion monthly unique visitors from mobile4
Worldwide Annual Revenue5

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is Amazon's B2B (business-to-business) marketplace. There are a variety of features and benefits for business customers of all sizes such as great prices, an extensive line-up, and the convenience of Amazon.
Amazon Business Customers


Number of the top Fortune 100 companies using Amazon Business

90% +

Percentage of national universities in Japan that use Amazon Business

90% +

Percentage of customers in ordinance-designated cities in Japan that use Amazon Business to purchase for local agencies

Amazon Business Features

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Corporate Business Expansion

There are various features and functions for expanding sales for business and business-to-business transactions such as setting specific pricing for products to business customers (corporate price, quantity discount).
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Analysis Tools

The Amazon Business Seller Program dashboard allows you to view sales for businesses at a glance, compare sales to individual sales, and analyze sales by industry.
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Business Efficiency

Amazon can handle attracting customers, credit examinations, invoicing, and money collection for you so that you can focus your resources on more productive operations. You can also take advantage of Amazon's state-of-the-art shipping network (FBA registration required).

Japan Consumption Tax (JCT) Reform Overview

Starting from Oct 1st, 2023, a new Consumption Tax system will be introduced by the National Tax Agency.
This is a important change for the business customers who want to declare their input tax credit. For the business customers to do so, they need to have a qualified invoice issued by the sellers, and only this qualified invoice can be issued by the sellers who have the Japan Consumption Tax Number (JCT number).

Currently, Amazon issues invoices on behalf of all sellers. In order to issue qualified invoice to the customers, sellers need to provide your JCT number through Seller Central by Oct 2023 when the new system will be effective. (If you already have the JCT number, please input here)

For more details, please visit the Japan National Tax Agency website.
If you have any questions regarding to how Amazon will operate for this change,
contact us by mailing to

What will happen if you do not provide Amazon your JCT Number?

When sellers register for selling on, you will be also selling automatically on Amazon Business website which is targeting the business customers.
After the new system is introduced, Amazon Business customers will be able to identify which product is sold by the JCT registered sellers.
We will issue qualified invoice on behalf of you if you provide the number in Seller Central.
If you do not, there is a possibility that Amazon Business customers will stop buying from you and buy from the sellers who do have the JCT number.

If you are a seller, please submit this
form to report your JCT registration status.

● For more details, refer to our FAQ section (FAQ).
Experiences from Amazon Business Sellers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions are available in a Q&A format

About the Amazon Business Seller Program

What is the Amazon Business Seller Program?
The Amazon Business Seller Program is a program that provides useful features to help Amazon Business customers grow their sales. These features include:
  • Features that allow you to sell products more effectively to business customers such as setting business prices and quantity discounts
  • Ability to sell products to business customers only
  • Dashboard feature that allow you to analyze business sales details
What are the differences between the Amazon Business Seller Program and Selling on Amazon?
With the Amazon Business Seller Program, you have access to all of the features of a professional seller with In addition to Selling on Amazon features, becoming an Amazon Business Seller allows you to cater to the specific requirements of business customers by providing features optimized for business-to-business transactions, including quantity pricing, business pricing and more.
Who are Amazon Business customers?
Amazon Business customers are legal entities or sole proprietors who use Amazon Business accounts (business account registration is subject to review).
How much does it cost to enroll in the Amazon Business Seller Program for selling?
You must register for the Amazon Professional Selling Service to use it. Fees for selling using the Professional Selling Services are shown below.

• Monthly subscription fee (Professional Selling Plan fee is ¥4,900 per month (excluding tax; fixed cost))
• Referral fee (varies by category) For more information about pricing, see Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

FAQ for the Tax Reform

How can we get more information on the JCT number registration process?
Refer to this page. or consult with your accountant or Japan National Tax Agency.
How can I provide Amazon our JCT Number?
Input your number in the JCT Number column on “tax setting page” in Seller Central.
Is it mandatory to input the JCT Number to keep on selling on Amazon?
If you are going to register for the JCT Number, it is mandatory to provide us your number. If you are not going to register, it is optional. If you do not have obligation to pay consumption tax in Japan, please select “I do not have obligation to pay consumption tax in Japan” in the tax setting page in Seller Central.
If I am a tax exempt seller, how will the consumption tax be displayed on Amazon Business?
Regardless of your tax obligation status, you need to set the appropriate tax rate based on the product category. We will display the tax inclusive and exclusive price based on your tax setting.
Is the consumption tax amount will be deducted from our sales?
No, it will not. The obligation to collect consumption tax from the customers and paying to the tax agency will be on sellers.
Can we input the JCT number in Seller Central even after 10/1/2023?
Yes you can. However, if you do not provide us the number before 10/1/2023, we cannot start issuing qualified invoice when the law comes into effect. If you are going to be a JCT number registered seller, please provide us the number before 10/1/2023.
Is JCT number only needed for Amazon?
This is a new system that will affect all transaction inside Japan, so it is just not for Amazon.


How do I participate in the Amazon Business Seller Program?
Once you have registered for a Professional Selling Plan, you can use the Amazon Business Seller Program.
If you already have a professional selling account, there is no additional cost.
Is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) available?
Yes, you can use it. FBA fees apply to orders for products fulfilled by Amazon. There are no additional fees associated with using the Amazon Business Seller Program.
What about Pay by invoice?
Amazon Business customers (corporations or sole proprietors) can choose to pay by invoice. There is no action required by the seller, listed products are automatically subject to invoice payment, and there are no fees. Amazon also manages all invoice matters such as customer credit risk assessment, billing, and collection. Amazon Business accounts can be used for Pay by Invoice, giving you more opportunities to expand business-to-business transactions.

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