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¥4,900 a month (excluding tax) + selling fees

*By enrolling, you agree to the terms and conditions and program requirements.
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First-time FBA benefits

Fulfillment by Amazon lets you enlist Amazon to handle order fulfillment, customer service, and returns. Sellers can focus on growing their business.

With the FBA New Selection program, for new to FBA ASINs, for a limited time, you'll receive free storage and free removals.
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FBA New Selection Program


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5% rebate on average for sales


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Free monthly storage and removals for small and standard-size products

Inventory storage fees for the first 100 units sent to Amazon fulfillment centers are free for 120 days after the first inventory is received.

Get free removals for any of those first 100 units for 180 days after the first inventory-received date.
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Free monthly storage and removals for oversize products



How to benefit from the FBA New Selection program:

Step 1

Register for the Professional Selling Plan
Register for the Professional Selling plan For only ¥4,900 per month and the closing fee, you can get the most out of your selling capabilities on Amazon. FBA fees will be charged separately if you use FBA. Learn more about charges for listing

Step 2

Join the FBA New Selection Program
If you are a new seller, who listed your first buyable ASIN and started with FBA on or after Jan 1, 2022, you will be auto-enrolled into the program.
If you are an existing seller, you must enroll in theNew Selection Program before you send your first shipment to an Amazon fulfillment center to be eligible for the benefits.

Step 3

Add FBA to your product listings:
  • Adding products for the first time: select the FBA option when listing your products. You’ll be guided through the process of shipping your products to an Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Switch your existing listings to FBA: Login to Seller Central, go to manage inventory, select products, and choose “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon” in the Action column.

Step 4

Enjoy benefits of the program, while reaching more customers.
After you enroll, Amazon will determine whether you qualify for the fee waivers. We will automatically waive the fees for your eligible products.
Starting March 1, 2022, you will only need to enroll once and FBA New Selection benefits will be automatically applied in each country Store you have an active account and inbounds eligible new selection.

Already selling on Amazon?

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¥4,900 a month (excluding tax) + selling fees

*By enrolling, you agree to the terms and conditions and program requirements.
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