Listing on Prime Day

Prime Day is an opportunity for sellers to increase sales. It is also an opportunity to get more people to know about new products and to expand your customer base.
¥4,900 a month (excluding tax) + selling fees
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Preparing for Prime Day

You should be prepared to handle more orders and to ship faster. It is especially important to prepare well for popular new products.

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What is Prime Day?

Prime Day, a major annual sales event for Amazon Prime members, and will also be held in 2021.

With Prime Day 2020, more than 175 million items were sold to Prime members around the world. In addition to Prime members, more customers are expected to visit, so Prime Day is an opportunity for sellers to increase awareness and sales of your products.

Amazon has been dedicated to helping small and medium-size sellers for many years. For Prime Day this year, we are planning to support small and medium-sized businesses on an unprecedented scale. Products from business operators are expected to be viewed by many customers on Prime Day, so you can expect to increase the recognition and sales of your products.

Keys to success on Prime Day

Many customers are looking for good deals. Stack the odds in your favor with an attention-grabbing price tag.

1. Secure and replenish your inventory

Prepare your inventory due to the high demand for new and popular products during the sale.
Purchase products for sale as early as possible
Even before Prime Day starts, the number of visits to will increase. To respond to that demand, make sure in advance you have a sufficient stock of products.
Set attention-grabbing prices
By setting a more attractive price, you can expect to appeal to more customers.
Prime mark
One key to getting the most out of Prime Day is to make as many items as possible eligible for Prime. By leveraging FBA, your products will be marked with a prime mark that will appeal to many Amazon Prime customers who visit on Prime Day.

2. Set attention-grabbing prices

Make a differentiation through your promotion strategy and preparation for you Product Detail Page.
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Create a coupon
Discount top-selling products or offer loyal customers packaged deals.
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Share promo codes
Create targeted social media promotions and spread the word.
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Offer services for Prime members only
Amazon Prime member discounts that are available only to Prime members
are often visible on search results and product pages.

Sales guide for all seasons

Get advice for tackling the ups and downs of seasonal inventory on Prime Day, during the holidays, and other events throughout the year.

Quip tip:

Don’t overstock

When determining storage limits, consider seasonal sales spikes, recent growth, and the popularity of current products.

So many sales, so little time

For starters, determine if your event is just a one-day occurrence or spans an entire season. Then follow this guide, along with your own sales insights, to dial in how much to order, ship, and re-order.
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One-day events
For events where inventory quickly runs out such as Prime Day, be sure to deliver inventory by the deadline. Then, consider demand forecasts and sales targets to help you gradually increase your sales and get the most out of your results.
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Long term events
From holiday sales to football fandom, longer events give you flexibility to adapt and replenish as you go. To minimize overstock, keep an eye on inventory levels as the season starts to wind down.

Quip tip:

Fan favorites

Customers know what products are good. Keep tabs on trending events and products by staying active on social media.

Leftover inventory—you’ve got options

Set a time period for offering special deals, and the carry out a marketing campaign.
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Outlet sale
Outlet sales can help you boost sales, improve cash flow, and optimize inventory levels.
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Lower price
For slow-moving items, mark down products within a specific product category to drive more discovery.
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Negotiate with whether suppliers can buy back. This reduces risks associated with seasonal products that need to be purchased in large quantities.
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Bulk removal
Save time and storage costs by using the bulk return and disposal services stock at fulfillment centers.

Start selling today

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¥4,900 a month (excluding tax) + selling fees
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