What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is an admin panel that you use when selling products on Amazon. A seller account is required to use Seller Central. This page explains how to register a selling account, how to log in to Seller Central, and what you can do with Seller Central.
4,900 JPY a month (excluding tax) + selling fees
What is Amazon Seller Central?

Get to know Amazon Seller Central

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is an admin panel where you can manage the products you are selling on Amazon. All sales on Amazon are managed collectively within Amazon Seller Central.
You can manage inventory, manage orders, communicate with buyers, review account health, contact Amazon seller support, and add new products.

*An Amazon seller account is required to use Seller Central.
Amazon Seller Central home screen interface

What you can do with Amazon Seller Central

Review and update inventory and listings

・ Manage orders

・ Review sales ・ Download reports and manage your business

・ Sales in any country in the world can be managed in English with just the single Seller Central

・ If you have any questions, you can search help pages or contact Selling Partner Support.

As described above, you can also collect and manage information necessary for selling on Amazon in one place on Amazon Seller Central. Be sure to watch the video below for more details.
Get to know Seller Central

How to use to Amazon Seller Central

1. Amazon seller account registration

A seller account is required to use Seller Central. Here's what you need to register an account.
1. Identity verification documents
2. Statements
3. Seller account email address
4. Credit card and bank account
1. Identity verification documents
Government-issued ID with facial photo (e.g. passport, driver’s license, etc.)
*Individual number cards cannot be used.

2. Statements
Statements issued within the past 180 days (e.g. credit card statements, internet banking statements, bank passbooks, etc.)

3. Seller account email address
Email address other than Amazon purchasing account/Amazon Pay/Amazon Business, etc.

4. Credit card and bank account
Valid credit card and bank account number (where Amazon can send you proceeds from your sales)

5. Certified copy of company register, if you are a corporation
Prepare a certified copy of the company register - company information, corporate number, name of the company in the register, location (address) of the head office, etc. 

2. Choose an Amazon selling plan

There are two selling plans on Amazon: The Professional Selling Plan and the Individual Selling Plan. The Professional plan costs 4,900 yen (without tax) per month, no matter how many orders you get. With the Individual plan, you’ll pay 100 yen every time you sell an item. Additionally, a referral fee is charged for each product sold in either plan option.

Of the two selling plans, we recommend the Professional plan. Professional sellers will be charged the Professional plan fee of 4,900 yen for the first month. The applicable fee will not be charged during months when no products are listed. (Example: If the actual sales for the product start in the third month, you won't be charged for the second month) Also, you can switch to an Individual account at any time.





/ month
+ Selling fees



/ product
+ Selling fees

Selling plan features

Grow your business with Fulfillment by Amazon
Add new products to the Amazon catalog
Qualifications to use the telephone or chat consultation desk
Advertising on Amazon search results and product pages, programs such as deals, etc., Amazon Business programs
Qualifications to get the “Add to Cart” button on product pages
A “Opportunity Explorer” that provides information on demand for new products. (Lets you analyze customer needs for new products and decide which products to sell on Amazon. )
Reports where you can check the number of visits to each product page, etc., and reports for managing inventory/orders, etc.

3. Amazon seller account registration

You’ll need to register a seller account to use Seller Central. Please click the button below to register.
Amazon seller account registration screen

How to log in to Amazon Seller Central

Once you have registered your Amazon seller account, log in using the email address and password you registered with Selling Services.
If you don’t have an account yet, click here
Amazon Seller Central home screen interface
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What to do if you can't log in to Amazon Seller Central

Try the following.
1) Are you using the email address you use for your purchase account/Amazon Pay/Amazon Business, etc.? Try changing to each email address.

2) Clear your browser's cache or change the browser you’re using and try again.

3) If you've tried the two steps above and still can't resolve the issue, check here.

Use two-step verification to keep your account secure

Once you've registered your new seller account, you should first set up two-step verification.
Two-step verification is a way to protect your seller account from unauthorized access. If you use the same password for multiple websites, you can keep your account secure in the unlikely event that a third party learns your password. Complete the verification now.

If you are in need of help

You can search within Seller Central and view help pages that match those keywords.

If you're having trouble logging in to Seller Central, check here.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, log in to Seller Central and contact Seller Support from the help menu in the upper right corner.
(To contact Seller Support, you must log in to Seller Central. )

*Support is available via phone, email, and chat. Telephone support is in the form of a callback, so there are no call charges. Telephone and chat support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We usually respond to email inquiries within 24 hours.
Support Center

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¥4,900 a month (excluding tax) + selling fees
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