Two pieces of advice from a consultant were the key factors in the success of Core Products on Amazon

Core Products became well known as a company selling occupational therapy products to doctors and wholesalers across the United States in just last 30 years. In 2015, they decided to open a Store on Amazon. “Initially, the idea was to try and better understand the Amazon channel,” says Matt Nasca, the e-Commerce Manager at Core Products. “But I soon realized the potential of this channel after we started selling many products on Amazon. I felt that we were the only ones who could properly convey the qualities of our brand, so I decided take selling on Amazon more seriously.”
There's nothing more reassuring than having people whom you can trust from inside Amazon.
Matt NascaCore Products
Recently, Matt learned about the Marketplace Consulting Service and decided to start using it. “I enrolled because there were still many things I didn’t know, and I wanted to better understand how Amazon works. Matt explained, “Even after reading a lot of information on various bulletin boards, I still wasn’t sure how accurate the information was.” “I was really happy to meet Ray, my Marketplace Consulting Service Merchant Consultant. Ray answered so many of my questions and showed us the direction we should go.” “Matt wanted to make sure that he had correct information and that his thinking was on the mark,” says Ray. “I'm glad I could help him as soon as he enrolled.”

Ray not only answered Matt's many questions, but also pointed out the importance of the information he was trying to confirm. “Thanks to Ray, I was able to understand the big picture related to Promotion on Amazon,” says Matt. “Because most of our products are already mature in the market, we always keep an eye on ROI, and I didn't think that Promotion would make a difference. However, Ray explained how Promotion has a long-term effect on digital shelves. He showed me that the benefits would continue not only during the promotion period, but also when the price of the product is reduced. I would never have noticed this myself.”
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Ray also taught Matt how to make communication smother with technical support. “I used to write a summary of all issues I wanted to address in a single inquiry, but Ray encouraged me to handle one issue at a time and keep the content concise. This advice was very helpful.”

Matt concluded, “I have only been enrolled in this program for a short time, but there's nothing more reassuring than having people whom you can trust from inside Amazon.”

Two pieces of advice that helped Core Products achieve success on Amazon

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