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Deciding what to sell in Europe

Learn how to decide which products to sell first when expanding your business into Amazon’s European marketplaces.

Reach millions of customers across Europe

By selling your products to millions of customers in Europe, you can significantly increase sales and grow your business. However, many sellers are wondering which product to list first.

Some products are more expensive to sell due to compliance approval procedures and inventory storage fees for fulfillment centers and ultimately result in little or no profit. In this article, you’ll learn how successful sellers choose which products to sell initially, maximizing your chances for success in Europe.
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Which of the many products should be listed first?

Many sellers have thousands of listings on one marketplace, such as How do you decide which items to start selling in Europe?

What to consider when choosing what to sell

You are required to confirm the following before selling in Europe:
  • Have the right to sell goods and knowledge of sales rights. We also need to recognize that European regulations on safety and compliance are different from the regulations of other areas.
  • Get the listing translated. Some products may not yet have an ASIN (Amazon's Product Identification Number) in some or all of the seven European Amazon stores. See Managing European languages .
  • Ship to a European fulfillment center. Just like in Japan, millions of European Amazon Prime customers love fast delivery. Learn how to Ship your products to Europe .

3 steps for deciding what to list

Choosing which products to sell is not a simple task of copying existing listings across Europe and using them. For a successful listing, you need to make a plan to enter the market and prioritize the sale of certain products. Doing so will help you avoid wasting effort on products that don't fit the market, and you'll be able to make ends meet in early stage.


Analyze the market and decide which products to sell

To increase your chance of success, focus resources on a subset of all your listings. There are many ways to decide which ASINs to choose.
If you use Fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA) in Europe, we recommend that you start with a “Wide assortment and small amount of inventory.”

Most sellers begins the first FBA shipment to a fulfillment center by sending a wide variety of products in small quantities.


Sell on trial at first

Once you prioritize the products you want to sell, start selling them on a trial basis. To maximize sales, use FBA to display the Amazon Prime logo and use Sponsored Products to catch the customer's eye.

Like, it takes effort and investment to get a lot of people to see and respond to product pages.
  • Complete listings with product information (such as images, videos, top-notch content, and keywords)
  • Set up Sponsored Products and Sponsored Branded Ads that are charged per click
  • Enhance excellent products with customer service to get a well-rated review

Advertising and promotion services

Amazon in Europe offers advertising and promotion services with all the features you need. You can widely promote your products to generate your first sales. These services include Sponsored Products, Sponsored Branded Ads, and Lightning Deals.


Ship and Fulfill

After the first trial sale, see which products are selling well and increase the investment in those products.

There is no need to increase inventory or ship large quantities of items as soon as other Sellers are growing. First, check the market's response to the products. Depending on the product, most sellers usually start with a few small boxes or single pallet by courier or air freight. After that, once you confirm that the goods are selling well, take advantage of transport by ship, which is larger and more cost effective.

You can also re-prioritize listings based on best-selling product information.

For example, during the holiday season, you may prioritize the best-selling items and update the listing information such as translations, images and videos. When planning a sale or promotion, you can also target only the products that are selling well.

It's important to always review the feedback of the products you sell and improve them with each listing. Try all sorts of things, from tweaking the product listing and ad copy to even adding new product variations.

Start trial selling now

When choosing a product to focus on selling in Europe, there is always an element of risk. But risk is also an opportunity at the same time.
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